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Self awareness is the key to growing a healthy mindset!

Are you feeling at a loss as you try to navigate the stormy seas of anxiety or depression? Maybe your mental health has hit an all-time low as you struggle to work through the negative self-talk in your mind?

Your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy, depending on how you feed and nurture it; but the biggest question is how to allow it to become the friend we need?

But don’t lose heart, you have the power to heal your mind, improve your relationships and create the life you have always dreamed of.

Improve Your Mental Health Psychotherapy
Awareness requires living in the here and now.
Heal your mind Psychotherapy

Hi, I’m Sarah Goddard

Mental Health Nurse, Psychotherapist and
Transactional Analysis Practitioner

I am a dedicated, insightful, caring, thoughtful mental health nurse, that has helped many people in their journey with their mental health and wellness. I am also a psychotherapist that has trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) as my therapeutic model.

I firmly believe that all life is sacred and we can choose to learn and grow to thrive in life! Self-awareness and understanding our thought patterns have a big influence on this, and so I have selected TA as my primary method to help you re-validate your life and hold it as sacred as I do.

I look forward to being a part of your journey!

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Find out about Transactional Analysis

Is therapy the right step for your mental health?

Working on your mental health and making improvements within your life can feel daunting, especially when trying to make the change yourself! You only know what you know at this stage in your life, so without any external insight, it can be difficult to create the processes that bring improved mental health and self-esteem.

Transactional Analysts regard people as basically “OK” and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions.

Curious about the finer details of Transactional Analysis?

How to work on your mental health - 	 Benefits of Psychotherapy

Here are some of the things
we can work through together

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Mental Health
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Coping Skills

Family Conflict

Life Transitions

Peer Relationships
Women’s Issues
Alcohol Use
Coping Skills
Substance Use
Treat anxiety and depression with Perth Psychotherapy

Here’s what we’ll work on together

Talk Therapy - Perth Psychotherapy Service

analyze your old thought patterns

First, we need to start by understanding how you think and why you respond to situations in certain ways.

Through talk therapy, we will discover how your childhood and formative years influence your mind and your mental health.

Change your life Psychotherapy

create new behaviours for unhelpful habits

Your mind is full of old coping strategies that are no longer serving you or have your best interests in mind.

While these behaviours kept you safe as a child, we need to re-frame them and create better pathways of thinking, in order to communicate with yourself and others effectively.

Mental Health Help

recognise and love your true self

Through the process of reflecting on your thought processes, you will learn the tools you need to create a healthy view of yourself.

We will work towards you feeling safe within your mind and trusting your emotions so that you can grow along this journey we call life.

Having your Transactional Analysis Therapy session

Are you ready to take the next step and book a therapy session? I offer one-on-one sessions in Mundaring & North Perth.

Talk Therapy sessions are 1 hour long and are face to face at my private office in North Perth. Face to face sessions are also available on Wednesday mornings at Mundaring Wellness Centre, 16 Craig St, Mundaring.

Standard consultations are $120.00, however, I do offer concession pricing for single mothers, concession card holders including students, veterans, pensioners, and those on benefits.

Interested in booking a session but want to know more about what it will be like?